Occupy Helsinki is coming on eve’s eve to the shopping centre near you! With us there is santa with a joyful capitalist message, a herd of zombie-like consumers with their big packages and truthgirl, the only sane person in the gang.

Join Occupy Helsinki’s flashmob campaign that is criticizing year’s biggest consuming party. We gather on friday the 23rd of December in Ihmisten tori, next to the Music house and head to the shopping centre’s in Helsinki centre. We’d need at least a few zombie-like consumers and all kinds of huge packages. You can bring yourself and/or the packages already to the planning meeting, held on Thursday at 5 PM at Ihmisten tori.

On Xmas eve Occupy Helsinki organizes an alternative Xmas party!

The people at Occupy will offer rice porridge and non-alcoholic mulled wine with gingerbread biscuits. You can also bring a dish and join for the xmas feast. All food is welcome, but especially ham and rye-bread is wanted. There will be program during the day and in the night there will be an Xmas sauna on location in the trailer sauna.

Warmly welcome to Occupy Helsinki’s alternative Xmas party!