Please diffuse the following invitation to develop a designated Official Assembly Information email list to your assembly contacts to English and Spanish speaking assemblies and international commissions. And do consider translating it into other languages!

Also, please note, as this came up since we drafted the invite so we need to make it clear :

1.- Individuals will NOT be able to participate on this list., although they can subscribe to receive all the info. This is so we can create a public feed of pure assembly info, without the extra ’noise’ of individualized opinion, discussion etc. 2.- We will obviously need to check that assembly info is being sent from a valid email address (except from those we already know) so PLEASE when subscribing give the admin team the url of your assembly’s web-site, at a link where the email to be subscribed from appear sas an ”official” mail contact of the assembly. 3.- We will be setting out clear initial functioning guidelines for the list very soon. If anyone wants to join the workgroup for this, or to ask any questions about the project, please email

Finally, grateful if a Spanish speaker could translate the above extra note to go with the main invitation set out below – anyone able to do so ?



*London International Commission Invitation to All Assemblies*

Dear friends and fellow occupiers all over the world,

One of the key elements that makes this movement so strong is the fact that we are everywhere. There are many hundreds of occupations all over the world, and we’re struggling to keep up with all the incredible work. But at present there is no clear line of communication taking place between the assemblies, which are the signifying feature of this amazing global movement.

That is why we’re humbly proposing an idea to facilitate better information sharing between all the assemblies, and to the wider public.

Lots of people are talking about developing great platforms to help us unite online, and possibly even make decisions together. However, while we strongly encourage to continue this effort on technological solutions, we think in the meantime we should urgently have a simple solution, quick to implement and open to all occupations around the world.

Simply put, our proposal is for a global, publically available mailing list with one assembly-endorsed contributing contact from each assembly.

There are many open mailing lists around which are great for sharing lots of content, but what we’re proposing is close to an ‘official’ channel for assembly-to-assembly communication and to the world at large. What makes this different to the other global platforms currently operating is that this wouldn’t be for personal views or discussion at all.

The kind of information that would be shared in the list would be information like:

  • Proposals for other assemblies to discuss – Updates from occupations – Requests for help – Any other information an assembly would like to share with the world

All that is needed is one email contact from every assembly to participate in the list. It will be up to each assembly to decide this contact, although we think a collectively administered email address, that could be managed by your Assembly’s International or External commission, or some other assembly workgroup would be the best.

At the same time, the list would be open to anyone to join as an observer, so the information would be transparent and accountable to all. Take The Square in Spain have offered to host the list, and have set up for us all to use. We’re very grateful for their support in hosting this list and we encourage all like-minded assemblies to add their representative address to it as soon as possible!

Please let us know if you think this is a good idea and if so, please email with your assembly’s designated contact.

Love and solidarity, London Occupation – International Commission